Leaving to attend EITR Systems

I’m going to work for “EITR systems”, for the whole summer 16′. I would be the first technical person working out there, and I’m really excited to join an startup from scratch, instead of working in well-established big companies.┬áThis is an interesting opportunity to learn all different aspects of a baby┬ábusiness, whether it is technical issues or even communication and expenses issues. We are going to develop a unique and cheap kind of product, which is able to easily handle the data replication problem in current data centers. This problem is going to be a bigger one, especially as the 3DxPoint devices are on the way to the market. With the utilization of these new storage devices, the data center community is concerned how to achieve both replication guarantee and high throughput and low latency data access. My goal would be coming up with a final product, which is a complete solution for above mentioned problems.

I’ve used to work for software development companies while I was doing my bachelor and I somehow know how does it feel like to do something simply straightforward for a long time, with no specific innovation and challenge. I may be interesting for some people, but not for me at least.

I have started working on this startup about a year ago, with Dr. Raju Rangaswami. It was so simple, we came up with a funny idea in the Storage Systems class and then I have followed up with him to see how could we extend the idea and get one paper out of it. After several weeks discussions, we came up with a modified version which was interestingly pure and unique. We found ourselves in a situation were we came up with a great solution for data center replication issue. Since then, we have started research about requires hardware and software components and after one year the money successfully been raised. It is sufficient for the whole summer and the mission is to come up with a working prototype at the end of the summer, in order to move to the second stage of fund-raising.

Now that I’m comparing my current work with the work I was doing previously, I can easily say there is a huge difference, in all aspects you can think of. Running an startup and developing something completely new is a big challenge. You need to learn about a lot of stuff and sometimes talking to knowledgeable people in different areas to get straight information. It’s hardly like working in a well-established company with strongly defined objectives. The process is hard enough, that makes a thinker and innovator from you in the future. You will learn not to do the things regular people are doing. You will learn to put the work in the first place, instead of money and profit. For sure, we do all these for huge turnover. But for the beginning your main assignment is to develop something that could have people attention and appreciation.

Right now, I’m geared up to fully dedicated myself for this journey and see what happens next!